Anyone can do exercises - School on the Move

In November 2013 our school joined a nationwide action by Ministry of National Education called Anyone Can Do Exercises organized within School on the Move project year. Ministry of National Education labels with this title schools that undertake actions to promote physical activities. To be granted such a label each school has to complete three tasks connected with developing physical activities.
Our school has chosen the following tasks:

Exercise at school
1. Physical Education – educational classes  organised within the curricula.
Tasks for PE teachers: providing documents showing good practices connected to physical activity of the school’s community which show that PE lessons can be interesting and engaging; providing two PE lesson plans.
2. Teachers' qualifications and improvement (area 4).
Task for PE teachers: teachers participation in scheduled courses on health/physical activity carried out by teacher development organizations.
2nd course/conference for teachers: ‘Head up – health starts in your head’,
‘More health, more life’,
‘Mindfulness - an effective stress reduction method and fighting professional and personal burnout’,
'Time for healthy diet’ – tasting and culinary workshop.
3. Extra-curricular sports classes (area 5).
Task for PE teachers: carrying out three actions connected to physical activity outside ordinary lessons.
Participating as fans with girls from classes 5 and 6 in women volleyball game between Impel Wrocław and PGNiG Nafta Piła. During a break our students taking part in ‘Volleymania’ project were presented and they had a chance to demonstrate their skills. Girls were also actively cheering our team and were able to get the autographs from their favourite players.
Participation of girls from classes 5 and 6 in Volleyball Festival in Wrocław that took place in Centennial Hall. That event promoted Men’s Volleyball World Championships 2014. Apart from competitions and contests (volleymania for classes 6), the organizers had planned plenty of attractions both for competitors and fans.  

Our students from classes 4, 5 and 6 participated in ‘Volleymania’ competition. ‘Volleymania’ is a unique programme introduced by the city of Wrocław that is connected wtih physical education of girls and aims at extending and spreading the system of teaching volleyball to schoolgirls. The programme started in March 2013 and included 20 primary schools in Wrocław. Because of our participation, our school got 15 volleyball kits and 20 balls. As a part of the programme our school organizes volleyball trainings twice a week in the afternoons. Moreover our students took part in 6 Volleymania competitions that took place on Saturdays.
4. Being active within families (area 8)
Task for PE teachers: organizing an event with participation of students’ closest family members.

We have carried out two events for students’ parents.
1. Active Saturday with parents – a family terrain run Our Health is in our Hands.
1. Active Saturday with parents –  fitness, dancing and karate classes Dance, Move and Gymnastics Work Well for the Body.