School of Equal Treatment

For many years now we have been adopting numerous actions aiming at creating safe environment for our students. This school year in cooperation with  Foundation Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre, we have joined the project, School of Equal Treatment. We’re focusing all our attention on fighting bullying in our school.

Every tenth student in Polish schools is bullied regularly, every second – abused verbally. It can be said that with great likelihood there isn’t a single school in Poland free of discrimination and prejudice-driven violence.

 Being aware of the importance of the problem, we hope that the actions that we undertake will lead to students’ understanding the sources of such behaviours. We are certain that only permanent shift in students’ attitudes can help us create school environment in such a way that it will be friendly to each and every child.

We can only talk about equal treatment at school when students fully exercise their rights – including the right to learn and the right to be safe.

Students who are daily subjected to bullying or isolation have only minor impact on other people’s behaviour towards them. That is why teacher’s role in creating an equality-fostering atmosphere is so important.

Our tutors, pedagogues and psychologists conduct lessons on bullying. The students have created slogans and logo for the campaign. With the help of our teacher, Wiktor Bernad, students from class 5b have recorded a short film about bullying. You can watch it on our website.

We will inform you on consecutive actions aimed at preventing discrimination.