Destination Imagination

Our school’s Destination Imagination team.
This school year we created a Destination Imagination team in our school out of selected students from classes 5a and 5b; they are:

  • Aleksandra Ciesielska
  • Katarzyna Jędrzejczak
  • Zuzanna Misdzioł
  • Marta Rolewska
  • Antonina Smyrak
  • Alicja Zapalska
  • Aleksandra Zapalska

The team gathers once a week to meet with their coaches and, in accordance with the programme guidelines, develop creativity, practice cooperative skills and creative problem solving in practice. What perfectly serves these purposes are ‘For Now’ challenges that last just a couple of minutes each and a require a skill of solving various tasks here and now, as well as team challenge – an interdisciplinary project that our students will work on until March. Our team will present their own solutions during the 13th Polish Olimpics in Creativity, from 11th to 13th March 2018 in Centennial Hall in Wrocław.