Tutoring – ‘How to raise a clever person’?

A nationwide Project, To Raise a Clever Person: Implementing a Model for Educational and Rehabilitation Work with the use of a Method of School Tutoring as a Positive Prevention of Problems in Polish Schools.

The aim of the project is to implement a model for work that would prevent social exclusion by means of early recognition and undertaking any necessary action that would resocialize a student and lead them out of a critical situation with a view to success.

Participating in this project will enable us to:
Commonly create an atmosphere at school that will be based on ‘dialogue pedagogy’, building a solid, co-educating community of students, teachers, and parents.
Gain unique competences in the field of successful pedagogical actions, together with proper diagnostics and organisational tools that will contribute to building satisfactory relations with students and parents alike.   
Develop students’ autonomy and responsibility for their educational process, by perfecting such skills as: self-discipline, planning one’s career, appropriate life choices, setting goals, and realizing them consequently.   
Increase students’ feeling of self-acceptance, openness and kindness towards others, which will make them braver in standing their own ground and making independent decisions.

It’s providing an individualised care and support from the teacher-tutor that provides your child with the feeling of safety.
It’s discovering and then developing child’s individual talents and strengths that builds sustainable self-confidence and proper self-assessment.  
It’s an effective dealing with your own weaknesses and preventing the feeling of inferiority in a certain field. 
It’s an awareness that your child always has somebody at school to talk to, be listened and given support.  
It’s giving yourself the right to make mistakes, which should lead to situations enhancing your child’s development. 
It’s a chance to create a long-lasting relation between you, your child, and a teacher-tutor; a relation based on dialogue where each part co-learns and co-teaches. 
It’s a mutual accompanying, observing and discussing of what gives satisfaction to your child, you as parents and teachers-tutors; but it’s also discussing what needs improving, altering and perfecting.  
It’s a systematic, mutually and consciously planned work on your child’s development at making him or her responsible for their own development and future. 

Further information on TUTORING:
1. website of Institute for School Tutoring  www.tutoring.org.pl
2. website of a nationwide pilot project To Raise a Clever Person, implemented by our Institute  www.tutoringszkolny.pl
3. a book by dr Adrianna Sarnat-Ciastko „Tutoring w polskiej szkole”