eTwinning READ 2018

This was a project to celebrate reading as a way to have fun, open up your mind and collaborate with friends around Europe. All partners came from 6 different countries and participating students were 6 to 14 years old. The main idea was to have a photography contest with original photos around the theme of reading. After voting, we had 5 winners to be awarded their prizes during a videoconference.
Our students practised their collaborative skills, enhanced their creativity and improved the use of the English language as a means of communication. Moreover, they practised the use of ICT according to their age.
All partner schools collaborated in a common Twinspace. The main task was to upload original photos taken by the students to a shared padlet wall, showing themselves, their pets or anything else they choose while reading their favourite book. The next step was for all partners to vote for their favourite photos and have five winners who were consequently given their awards during a videoconference. The project lasted until April, the month when the International Day of Children's book is celebrated.

The main product of our project was a public twinspace , accessible to students, parents and teachers with phoots from all partners: